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  • What Are You Thankful For?

    Nov 12 2017

           ‘Tis the season for mustard color clothing, pumpkins, cuddling, flannels, comfort food and wine. Ok, every season is for comfort f...

  • What I Learned Traveling to Costa Rica

    Sep 24 2017

           Last week, I came back from a trip to Costa Rica. It was a seven-day fiesta in Dominical, a little beachfront town on the Pacific...

  • Texting-Is It Ruining Dating?

    Sep 03 2017

        Texting used to be seen as a form of quick communication, often used to establish a meeting point, or in my case, to tell my friend t...

  • Life Isn't As Easy (As I Say It Is On The Blog)

    Aug 20 2017

    Follow-up to "And I'm Feeling Good"- Tips to be your best self. A look into a week of my life. The exploration of anxiety, self sabotage,...

  • And I'm Feeling Good (Tips to feel your best self)

    Aug 13 2017

      It’s 2017 and the health-conscious craze is at an all time high. There are new fitness trends daily and we are constantly bombarded w...